‘Albers EP’

  • ‘Albers EP’
  • ‘Albers EP’
  • ‘Albers EP’
  • ‘Albers EP’
  • ‘Albers EP’

'Alber EP' by 'Yarni'
This is a limited edition, completely handprinted 12inch vinyl record in a very limited edited of only 200. When they're gone, they're gone!

Track listing
1. Albers 05:30
2. Rummy 04:12
3. Agitator II 04:49
4. Red Meander 05:36

About this record
‘Albers’ - Huey Morgan’s (6 Music) Beat of the week

'Rummy' - Deb Grant (6 Music) “His sound has evolved but it’s been consistently brilliant all the way through”

’Yarni is all about tactile, real, physical experience and the creations that result. Now, alongside printmaker John Pedder (www.instagram.com/johnapedder), he’s making that more explicit than ever.

Yarni and John swapped musical and visual influences, each feeding the other; songs and art developing as a single process. From The Clash to the Bauhaus movement, references merged, and in particular, Anni Albers became a touchstone for both.

Every physical copy of this EP is different, the geometry of John’s prints echoing Ben’s music. The loping hip-hop jungle of the title track, the airborne house groove of “Red Meander”, the footworking jitter of “Agitator II”, the cerebral dancing of “Rummy” – all are inspired by John’s artistry.

The EP is brought to you via Sound Records, a label focused on artistry, process, and artifacts – things you can feel, hold and treasure. Here’s hoping you’ll hold it too, and feel the joy that has been put into it from the very start.