• When everything is possible you need to find out what is important to you.Printmaking for me is a way of limiting my options so that I can distill what is vital.
  • In my work I set out to edit everything down to what is essential. I restrict myself so that I can properly explore the confines I have set myself. Printmaking slows me down so that I can properly appreciate the journey's detail.
  • My work is very simple in its resolution but huge trial and error has gone into deciding what will be shown.
  • I love the idea of crafting basic forms from lots of imperfect cuts or marks. Its like when you enlarge a photo so much that it breaks down into very rough elements.

  • I make no apologies for stating that a clear message is of secondary importance to me. My truth will emerge from an aesthetic journey informed and guided by art and craft skills.
  • My art is not reliant on a play on words. It is not a clever magic trick. The art I love offers something new to the viewer every day. Each offering is exclusive to me and may not be something that the artist has even considered.
  • But if that artist has been rigorous in their pursuit of their own resolutions, then the experience for the viewer, although potentially different, will be ultimately fulfilling

Watch my creative process in a short film here https://vimeo.com/287922935